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A/V Gallery
This page is reserved for audio, visual and photo materials from VARTV media outlets.

If you have ANY material - old or new - and would like to share it with VARTV readers please email them,
uncompressed or the least amount of compression possible, to
This address can accept much larger file sizes...

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The Spot Factory

Studio Center

FM Radio
By Frequency

1. '60s. Scanned letterhead. In use in the '60s into early '70s.
2. Early '70s. Scanned letterhead. Created by local artist.
3. '80s. Scanned letterhead. Created by Tom Layman at Martin Agency. Used mid-70s thru mid-80s.
4. '85 - Scanned letterhead after the FM call changed to WVJZ and became "Z96.7."
5. '86-'87 - "Z96.7" with a Top 40 format.
6. '90 - "Country Mix 96.7" adopted when the FM format changed to country.
WNOR-FM Norfolk VA - 2002. All three commercials aired in 2002. EACH file (.mov) is 7MB. Unless you have a broadband connection, right click on the graphic and use "Save Target As..."
WJMA-FM Orange VA - June 2001. "Your Place" adopted with move from 96.7 to 98.9.
WPYA-FM Poquoson VA - 3/2004. Their very first TV commercial...
WAFX-FM Suffolk VA - TV commercial...

AM Radio

1. WTAR-AM Norfolk VA. Pat Murphy had a statewide talk show that was anchored in Norfolk...
2. WTAR-AM Norfolk VA. Pat Murphy newspaper advertisement...
1. WNIS-AM Norfolk VA. Pat Murphy...
2. WNIS-AM Norfolk VA. Pat Murphy and Bill Bishop...
1. WNOR-AM Norfolk VA - 1960. Carousel Building on Brambleton Ave in Downtown Norfolk
2. The WNOR dances - notice Bryan Hyland - the artist with the huge hair...
WLOW-AM - 1960


  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA. Hourly ID when owned by Park Broadcasting...
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1993. Noon intro; began branding "NewsChannel 6"
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1998. Celebrating its 50th anniversary as the South's First Television Station...

  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. 5PM newscast intro; began branding "CBS 6"
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. Weather intro.
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. News anchors intro.

  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1998. News anchors intro.
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1995. Weather intro branded as "Skytrak Weather," first used in 1993 until 1998 when Mike Goldberg became Chief Meteorologist.

  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1995. Set.
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 1998. Set. The 1998 set is the same set WTVR currently uses, however when then GM Mark Pemiental arrived in 1998, he made some changes to the colors and tones on the set. The 1998 set had what they called a "more industrial look and feel" with light tones and "nuts and bolts" attached to the anchor desk. After the changes, the set had a much darker appearance. In additon, the weather center portion of the current set was added in 1999 or 2000.
  • WTVR-TV Richmond VA - 2003. Set.
  • 8
  • WRIC-TV Petersburg VA - Fall 2003. Newscast intro...
  • WRIC-TV Petersburg VA - 2003. Set. Unknown when WRIC unveiled their current set, but it has been within the past 5 years. There have not been any noticable changes to the set since it was introduced.
  • 12
  • WWBT-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. 5PM newscast intro...
  • WWBT-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. Weather intro for "First Warning Weather"
  • "First Warning Traffic" intro voiced by Jon Berry of WMXB-FM.

  • WWBT-TV Richmond VA - 2003. Set. WWBT's current set has undergone numerous updates over the years since it was introduced in the mid 1990's. The weather center portion of the set is not on the same level as the main studio, instead it is located over looking the anchor desk above the main set.
  • 35
  • WRLH-TV Richmond VA - Fall 2003. 10PM newscast anchor intro... (produced by WWBT/12)

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